Stay on top of the rapidly changing reimbursement environment by attending this webinar series for billers, coders, practice administrators and radiologists. Each session delivers practical information to help you:
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This presentation is designed to provide participants with reimbursement and coding related news, updates and guidance. The materials and documents presented are not intended to supersede any policies, procedures, or templates that vRad has approved and implemented, unless specifically noted. The information, while accurate, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of production, may not be current at the time of use. If you have a specific scenario that may require corrective action or other escalation, please contact Sharon Roeder, Manager Health Information Management or the vRad Legal Department for further clarification and support.
  • Ensure correct coding in 2015
  • Capture necessary information in radiology reports
  • Remain in compliance
Reimbursement and Coding
Educational Webinar Series

Previously-recorded webinars available for on-demand viewing anytime.
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2015 Changes are Here: Radiology Coding, Billing, and PQRS  (60 min.)
Understand key coding changes that went into effect January 1 impacting radiology billing and reimbursement.
View  |  Slides  |  Q&A (Updated 3/9/15 to reflect recent CMS changes for IDTFs)

Preparing for ICD-10-CM: Reporting Pain  (50 min.)
This webinar will help the audience understand how pain is classified in ICD-10-CM.

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Preparing for ICD-10: Practical Tips for Radiologists and Radiology Departments (50 min.)
Introductory event covering new concepts and terminology found in ICD-10-CM

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ICD-10 Transition (40 min.)
How the ICD code set is changing, how it will impact healthcare and how you can prepare.

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Nuclear Medicine Dictation Standards (50 min.)
Obtain accurate reimbursement by knowing what documentation to look for.

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Fluoroscopic Guidance Criteria (45 min.)
Determine when fluoroscopic guidance can be reported.

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Capturing Critical Elements in Ultrasound Reports (40 min.)
Learn the most common reason for addendum requests.

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Documentation for Rendering 3D Imaging (40 min.)
Understand how to document computed tomographic angiography (CTA) studies and concurrent supervision of 3D reconstruction.

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Documentation Pitfalls in Radiology Reports (60 min.)
Identify dos and don'ts when creating a radiology report.
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Interventional Radiology: Billing and Coding (40 min.)
Insight on creating complete reports. Tips for appropriate billing and reimbursement.

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Preparing for ICD-10-CM: Fractures and Injuries  |  Slides (PDF)
March 26, 2015  |  Register

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Preparing for ICD-10-CM: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
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